Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Pressure On The Prime Minister Of Japan, Naoto Kan

Japan's opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party and its ally the New Komeito Party is set to submit a no-confidence vote to parliament against Kan's cabinet.

By submitting this proposal, the two opposition parties to express their dissatisfaction with government management of the sequence of the 11 March earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear crisis.

Hidenao Nakagawa, the Liberal Democratic Party, said: "The government does not have sufficient safeguards for the public and those affected by the disaster, the Prime Minister must resign if he refuses, we will vote no confidence in Parliament and the request to resign ... "

Faced with the accusation, the Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that his refusal to resign.
Kan said: "I can not give up the responsibility to do what needs to be done now. I would like to resolve the nuclear crisis before."

A new study shows that over seventy percent of Japanese voters are unhappy with the government's handling of the nuclear crisis in Fukushima. Yet half of voters believe that remains to his post until the plant stabilizes paralyzed.

Analysts say that Kan would probably survive the vote, but he would still face barriers to high pressure through a divided parliament, including a supplementary budget to help pay for the recovery of damages caused by two disasters, paralyzed the Fukushima nuclear power and has ravaged northern Japan.

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