Monday, June 20, 2011

Bashar Al-Assad - Syrian Violence Is A Conspiracy Planned Abroad, And Perpetrated In Our Country

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has accused the foreign conspirators, is unleashing a wave of violence across the country, but recognizes that these reforms are essential for his authoritarian regime.

Assad has called the violence "a conspiracy planned abroad, and perpetrated in our country." But he added that the authorities in Syria to be able to distinguish between legitimate protesters and terrorists. Gunmen carried out massacres in the northern village of Jisr al Shughour, and claimed that they had sophisticated weapons and communication systems.

He admits, however, that some protesters are legitimate concerns that must be addressed. "Those who oppose reform, I have not met a single person opposing reforms," ​​he admitted. Embattled president said that the "saboteurs" trying to exploit the legitimate grievances of reforms in the country.

He said that the agitators are "small group", but cause much damage, and have infiltrated the peaceful demonstrations.

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