Monday, June 20, 2011

2012 Presidential Polls : Medvedev Will Not Compete With Putin

Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev Monday added to the uncertainty surrounding Russia's 2012 presidential polls that he wanted another term, but can not resist the powerful predecessor, Vladimir Putin.

With only nine months remaining before the election in March, and Medvedev, 45, or Putin, 58, announced his candidacy amid warnings of companies that uncertainty is now the difficult investment climate.

Medvedev said, "I think every leader to President must simply want to do. The fact is that Vladimir Putin, both my colleague and old friend and I are still largely represent the same political force," said Medvedev, adding that compete with its counterparts in St. Petersburger would be "hard to imagine ".

"In this sense, the competition between us could actually damage the tasks and goals that we have been pursuing for several years. Therefore, this probably would not be the best scenario of our country, and this concrete situation."

But he also added: "In the absence of basic political competition to a market economy began to disappear. I do not think the issue today and tomorrow. But the question remains, of course," he said.

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